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  • The Spray

    The Spray

    Since we moved in here, I have been spending too much money. And being thrifty as I am, I have decided to paint the living room chairs instead of purchasing new ones. I bought 3 bottles of spray paint and head to an open space. I went to the carpark of the University, because it is very big and it is always empty. That way, I will not bother anybody while doing it. I parked the car, covered the floor with plastic sheets so that I would not stain the pavement and started painted. When I finished the first one, I was very pleased with the result. I went for the second one and half way I remembered my Dear Husband had told me to use a protective mask, as the paint was quite toxic. But I was so taken by the task that I just ignored his advice and continued painting. By chair number three, I was starting to feel a bit dizzy. Suddenly I thought came to my mind. What if I painted a tiny little graffiti on the wall. Really really tiny. Nothing would happen, because it will not be so tiny nobody will notice it - I thought. I got excited with the idea, grabbed the spray and straight I went towards the wall. It took me quite long, because I spent a substantial amount of time in using my creativity for this unique work. Should I sign it? Should I write Love-for-Ever Dear Hubby? Should I do a heart shape with our initials on it? The whole process was super exciting!Read More

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  • The color of your future's child eyes

    The color of your future's child eyes

    The color of your future's child eyesRead More

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  • Top 6 power foods for pregnancy

    Top 6 power foods for pregnancy

    Yogurt- calcium and probiotics Kale and spinach- calcium, fiber, folic Acid and Vitamin A Eggs- Vitamin A, Iron and proteins Lamb- Vitamin B12, Iron and Zinc Nuts and Seeds - Fiber, Vitamin E and Magnesium Berries - antioxidants and fiberRead More

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  • Hello Baby...

    Hello Baby...

    Hello Baby Welcome to Earth. It's hot during the summer and cold in the winter It's wet and round and crowdedRead More

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  • Being a Mother is

    Being a Mother is

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  • Friday


    Time to eat popcorn, disconnect from the world, stay up late and enjoy being togetherRead More

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  • S.O.S


    Our fridge is empty and we still have to make dinnerRead More

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  • 7 things every kid needs to hear

    7 things every kid needs to hear

    7 things every kid needs to hearRead More

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  • Super Parents

    Super Parents

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