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  • Benefits of apples  for kids

    Benefits of apples for kids

    They contain pectin that keep cholesterol levels in the body down They are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and C They provide boron, an essential trace element that helps harden bones They help to control obesityRead More

  • While we try to teach our children all about life...

    While we try to teach our children all about life...

    While we try to teach our children all about life Our children teach us what life is aboutRead More

  • You have a...

    You have a...

    You have a... Newborn for a month Baby for a year Toddler for 2 years Child for 5 years Teenager for 5 years Take care in what you do with those yearsRead More

  • We have some news to tell you!

    We have some news to tell you!

    For the next season, the small size will be suitable for children 6 months to 3 years instead of the usual 1-3 years. How did we do this? Well, we have slightly adapted the neck line and have added snap buttons to the ribs, so that the PenguinBag can be used as a regular sleep bag from 6 months till the baby is around 74 cm. By then, Mommies can cut the snap strap and voilà! We are back to our traditional sleep bag!Read More

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    WHAT'S YOUR 4-YEAR-OLD'S NEW FAVORITE TOY ? The one his brother is playing withRead More

  • Teriyaki salmon and veggies in foil

    Teriyaki salmon and veggies in foil

    Ingredients 4 skinless, salmon fillets 4 cups broccoli florets (chop small so they cook through) 1 1/2 cups thinly sliced carrots 2 1/2 Tbsp olive oil Salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 green onions, chopped Sesame seeds, for garnish Cooked brown or white rice, for servingRead More

  • Baby's  vision development

    Baby's vision development

    Newborn They can see large shapes and faces, and bright colors 3 months They can focus on a variety of smaller objects and can tell the difference between colors specially green and red 4 months Baby’s eyes should be working together They begin to develop depth perception 12 months Child’s vision reaches normal adult levelsRead More

  • The receipt

    The receipt

    We arrived in Punta Umbria, a beautiful village, ready to spend our holidays there. My Dear Husband arrives a bit grumpy due to the tire episode, but the children are delighted. Two weeks of warm weather, beach and swimming pool are ahead of us. Our flat is quite small, but very well furnished. Our friends are waiting for us there. We will be holidaying together. Three couples and all their children. Seventeen people in total, eight adults and nine children of all ages, from 6 months to 11 years old. As we walk along Punta Umbria main street, we look like in a school sightseeing tour. Time to go shopping for groceries. We split the work. Gentlemen go to set up the bedrooms in the flats and then with the children to the swimming pool. Ladies go grocery shopping. We reach the supermarket, it is in a small shopping center which also hosts a Bazar. We park in the car park and head to the supermarket. Huge shopping list which will require 2 shopping trolleys. We then head to the cashier. The total is 987 euros - the cashier says We look at each other as our jaws drop and we all say at once - Nine hundren and how much??? -Please check it, there must be a mistake - I say - No, there is no mistake - says the cashier - OK, let me see - I tell the cashier. Let me see the screen - I say while gently pushing him to a side. I start reviewing the list on the screen. Soon I find the mistake “Iberian Pork Loin. 1 kilo. 860 euros” Bingo!Read More

  • A Walk Through the Tunnel

    A Walk Through the Tunnel

    Many times in my life I have miscalculated my abilities in different aspects of my life but, at work, …. never. That was until the day before yesterday. Two days ago, my colleague Maria asked me to accompany her to the workshop where our penguinbags are made. Every person in the small factory is wonderful but I feel specially close to Tere. She is one of the ladies sewing our penguinbags. I was chatting with her about how complicated it was to sew the peas to our new pea pod design and I felt intrigued about how difficult it really was. - Tere, please let me sew a bit and see by myself. - No, sorry, you cannot do it, today we are behind schedule and still need to finish many penguinbags - Pleeeaaasseee Tere, only a little seaaammmm… - No - she responded kindly but firmly But I kept on insisting. - Please, please, just a second - OK, fine, you can finish this seam but sit up and be very careful, you are going to sew 5 layers of fabric together and you need to make sure you keep all of them aligned. We are very late and if you do not do it right I will need to make another penguinbag today. I sat at the sewing machine, and started sewing very careful under Tere’s supervision. In some seconds I was finished. I looked at Tere and said: - You see, you have no faith on me Tere, you see, I did it perfect!Read More

  • Holidays!!


    Finally, the holiday season has arrived and we are about to leave for our well deserved holidays. I am delighted! I have spent the night thinking about how I was going to get all the luggage inside the car. I was successful, my Dear Husband congratulated me. I felt so proud of having been able to fit three children, 5 pieces of luggage and 2 bikes in a car as if I had been awarded a Best Organiser Award. The trip starts, to Huelva, in Southern Spain, we will do it in two stages, sleeping overnight in Caceres. When we are 180 kilometres from home, one of our wheels goes flat. - Damm, we have just had a puncture - Dear Husband says - Ouch! I say - Ouch?? what do you mean - well… as we were tight for space, I got the spare wheel out and left it at home - I say without daring to make eye contact with my Dear Husband. My Dear Husband’s jaw dropped.Read More


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