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  • The Margarita Party

    The Margarita Party

    As every year, this summer we have travelled to Boston, to see my in-laws. I have already told you that my Dear Hubby is from there and I love to go and see my American family. My in-laws live in a 84-floor building downtown. On floor 85 there is a terrace with a swimming pool and we use to go there quite often. The children love to swim and the views of the city are amazing. And, as anybody can expect when going to the swimming pool with kids, after one hour preparing the swimming pool bag, as soon as I reach the swimming pool I realise I have forgotten something downstairs. No worries - I tell Dear Hubby - I will go downstairs to pick it up and will be back in a min. No, I call my mother and she will bring it up. No, really, I do not mind going down. You stay in the pool with the kids while I fetch it. I grab the phone and the keys and rush towards the swimming pool lobby. On my way back to the swimming pool, the lift stops on floor 79 and a middle age lady with a huge beach bag gets in. I greet her and the lift starts its journey again towards the top floor. Suddenly the lift stops between two floors and the lights go off. I am not a claustrophobic person but to think you are 77 floors up and hanging from a lift and not to freak out is a bit too much for me. After some seconds, the emergency light goes on. Well, at least I can now see something. I try to WhatsApp dear Hubby to let him know I am stuck in the lift but there is no signal. Probably the electricity of the whole building has gone off -says the lady. Gosh, does this happen often? Well…yes, but normally it is in winter, not in summer. By the way, my name is Stephanie - says the lady offering her hand.Read More

  • This is not a box

    This is not a box

    It is a cave, a space ship, a racing car, a castle, a pirate ship, a volcano, a kitchen, a tv, a theater, a secret base, a plane, an igloo, it's... the imagination of a childRead More

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  • Things I  Stepped On this Week

    Things I Stepped On this Week

    A lego block A spiky plastic dinosaur....Read More

  • Watermelon lemonade

    Watermelon lemonade

    Ingredients 1 seedless watermelon 3 lemons 35 g of sugar 1 bottle of sparkling water Read More

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  • Roasted potatoes with Parmesan cheese

    Roasted potatoes with Parmesan cheese

    Ingredients butter, for greasing the pan 2 pounds russet potatoes ¼ cup olive oil 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning, crushed between fingertips 4 minced cloves garlic salt and pepper ¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese, divided fresh chopped parsley, for garnish Read More

  • The Ballon

    The Ballon

    Ring ring - somebody is calling at the lobby of my building Hello - I say Get a pair of trainers, a think coat and come down - my brother-in-law says What do I need a thick coat for? It is 29 degrees outside - I say You’ll see - my brother-in-law says with a mysterious voice Wow!, I am so excited! What would it be this time? Purchase a car? Go swimming with sharks? I get my trainers, the thick coat and go down as fast as I can. As I open the front door of the building my jaw drops. There is a huge truck that reads on the side “Ballon Sightseeing”. We are going to ride a ballooooonnnn??? - I say while jumping up and down. Yes - he says - are you up to it? Of course! - I say OK, then jump in, we are going now! If I have to give some advise to anybody about the things worth it to have in your life, very much on top of the list is to have a brother-in-law like mine. He makes my life a continuous adventure! I jump into the car and start questioning the Balloon Guy. where are we going? how long would it last for? is there are special thing I should do while up there? Hold on - says my brother-in-law. You are going to drive this poor guy crazy. We are just going to go to La Providencia, take off there, go to the European Peaks and we will be back by the time the children are back from school! Oh! I see you have really thought this through - I say - but what if anything happens and I am not back to pick up the children from school?? I have already told your sis - my brother-in-law says. In case of emergency, she will pick the children up. So relax and enjoy! By the way, this is a present to you from Dear Husband, who is away in a business trip and wants you to have some fun while he is away. Once on the top, I promised him a selfie.Read More

  • Seeing our children happy

    Seeing our children happy

    Seeing our children happy Is one of the best feelings in lifeRead More

  • Estás intentando decirme...

    Estás intentando decirme...

    ¿Estás intentando decirme... que tu verdadero nombre no es Mamá?Read More



    If you're going to visit her, first warn her If you want to have lunch with her, bring the food and help her to clean up Take care of the baby so she can be a quiet showerRead More


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