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  • Our trip to Cologne

    Our trip to Cologne

    -The booth decoration does not arrive until Monday evening and the trade show starts on Thursday. We have no time to send it via courier to Germany - says my colleague Maria. -Gosh, that is a problem. This is one of the most important trade shows. We cannot fail - I say. -It is a big problem indeed. -We cannot fail to set up the stand on time. What can we do? I go into Google Maps and enter a search Gijon (our town) to Cologne (our trade show place). It reads it is 15 hours and 15 minutes by road. If it is a van, I guess it is a bit more. If we divide it in two days, it is 8 hours per day, approximately. Uhhh!! If we leave tomorrow at 5 am, we can even stop in Paris and go to Disneyland and still be on time to reach Cologne and set up the stand. This is becoming more and more interesting in my head. I just need to convince Maria this is the winning plan. Also, my Dear Husband is at home all the week long, it will be a very exciting adventure! -Maria, what if we rent a van. Do you think we could do it by road? -Are you crazy? It is about 1,700 kilometres! -Welll… it is exactly 1,672 km Maria sighs. - I know I am going to regret agreeing to this, but it is our only option - she says. Cologne, here we come!! Read More

  • I lost my girls

    I lost my girls

    I look here and there, look under the beds, inside the wardrobes, in the bathroom, in the balcony, everywhere!… I am desperate, it is 7.50 in the morning and I cannot find my two daughters anywhere. We are going to miss the bus on the first day of school. Two minutes ago they were here. I wonder where they can be, it is quite challenging to get lost inside a flat, I would say. -Have you seen your sisters? - I ask my son -No Mommy!!!! - he responds I whatsapp by dear husband -I have lost the two girls - Both of them? - Yes - We still have the boy, right? - Yes, he is here. - God bless, at least we still keep the heir of the throne - You think you are funny, right? -And where do you think your daughters may be on the first day of school 20 minutes before the bus pick up time?? - he asked -I guess they are hiding, but I cannot find them anywhere! try the ice-cream trick -OkRead More

  • Love adventure

    Love adventure

    Those of you who have children know how difficult it is to get some time alone with your partner. I must admit, for me, with three kids, it is almost impossible to spend some quality time with my Dear Husband. There is always a child around in the middle of every conversation, cocktail or dinner for two. And if we take into account that my Dear Husband travels a lot, the issue becomes more and more complicated. So I decide to give us a chance and spend 24 hours with my Dear Husband by ourselves. I check the calendar, my Dear Husband´s flight schedule and I talk to my sister, my parents and my brother in law trying to figure out a plan. I finally succeed in getting an invitation for an sleep over for two of the three kids, but I still have to place my son somewhere for the week-end. And that is becoming a very challenging task! I am starting to feel exhausted just by planning the logistics of this break away from children. But, suddenly, everything falls into place. My telephone rings. It is my neighbour Naty, inviting my son to spend the weekend with them. Great! I double check the calendar. My Dear Husband is scheduled to land on the 8:30 flight on Saturday morning,I want to surprise him, so I won´t tell him anything. It will be as a gift from me to him. 24 hours for us only. But, after so much work on logistics, I got a bonus: I will be by myself from Friday afternoon on. So I dial my friend Rebeca´s number: - I am free on Friday. Fancy having a cup of coffee in the afternoon? - Why are you alone? - The kids are sleeping out. I manage to organise a 24 hour alone with my Dear Husband. it is a surprise for him! - I sayRead More


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