The Ballon

The Ballon

Ring ring - somebody is calling at the lobby of my building
Hello - I say
Get a pair of trainers, a think coat and come down - my brother-in-law says
What do I need a thick coat for? It is 29 degrees outside - I say
You’ll see - my brother-in-law says with a mysterious voice
Wow!, I am so excited! What would it be this time? Purchase a car? Go swimming with sharks?
I get my trainers, the thick coat and go down as fast as I can. As I open the front door of the building my jaw drops. There is a huge truck that reads on the side “Ballon Sightseeing”.
We are going to ride a ballooooonnnn??? - I say while jumping up and down.
Yes - he says - are you up to it?
Of course! - I say
OK, then jump in, we are going now!
If I have to give some advise to anybody about the things worth it to have in your life, very much on top of the list is to have a brother-in-law like mine. He makes my life a continuous adventure!
I jump into the car and start questioning the Balloon Guy. where are we going? how long would it last for? is there are special thing I should do while up there?
Hold on - says my brother-in-law. You are going to drive this poor guy crazy. We are just going to go to La Providencia, take off there, go to the European Peaks and we will be back by the time the children are back from school!
Oh! I see you have really thought this through - I say - but what if anything happens and I am not back to pick up the children from school??
I have already told your sis - my brother-in-law says. In case of emergency, she will pick the children up. So relax and enjoy! By the way, this is a present to you from Dear Husband, who is away in a business trip and wants you to have some fun while he is away. Once on the top, I promised him a selfie.
OK, great! - I say
OK, put this wool hat on, it will be 5 degrees when we reach the top.- he says
We reach the take off place. It is an amazing experience to see a balloon being inflated. I could not wait to jump into the basket and start the flight.
After 40 minutes everything was ready for the take off, inside the basket there were sandwiches, drinks, everything you could need in such an adventure.
Finally, the moment to jump in! I was so excited I could not even breath.
Gonzalo, the Ballon Guy, starts blowing more hot air and the basket starts moving.
On gosh! I am having vertigo - I say. 
When we are 30 meters from the floor, I start feeling motion sickness and start panicking. I hold tight to the basket and go into mute mode. After so much preparation, I cannot complain.
The ballon continues going up and up. When we are about 150 meters from the floor, the balloon starts moving quite suddenly and I feel the absolute need to lay flat on the floor. I just throw myself on the floor face down.
I want to go down, I want to go down!!!! I start shouting
The motion sickness is only when you re going up. Do not worry, in five minutes you will be fine! - says my Bother-In-Law.
But the basket is going into serious swings. The more we go up, the more it swings, the flatter I try to go on the floor and the more my panic grows. I end up grabbing Gonzalo’s leg.
OK, lady, please let my leg go because, if something happens to me, who is going to take you back to land??? - says Gonzalo
This does not make me feel better, more the opposite, I panick even more thinking that my children’s mother’s life is in the hands of a guy I have just met.
I want to go down! I really want to go down!!- I start crying
Lady, please let my leg go! And we cannot go down now anyway because we are just on top of a forest! He says. He presses a button and the ballon suddenly goes up faster than before.
I cry. I want to go down please please….
My Brother in Law sits down on the floor next to me and gives me a hug. Do not worry, just a couple of more minutes and the balloon will stop moving and you will feel better.
Is it going to be on land?- I ask
No- he says
Then I will not be better!- I shout at him with all the strength of my lungs
Gonzalo presses the button again and the balloon goes up again. I am starting to think he is doing it in purpose every time I shout.
OK, OK, says my Brother-in-Law, calm down and lets do a selfie. He gets the phone out, and just when he was taking the selfie, I throw up, Just a bit, I have to say. But a bit later, I start feeling much much better.
You were right - I say- I feel so much better now
I stand up and start enjoying the view
I turn around to look at my Brother-in-Law. He has this face of “I am about to throw up” people get when they feel motion sickness.
Hold on, hold on - I say- let me take a selfie for the family. 
I send the photo to the family Whatssapp chat.
“Having a wonderful time in our balloon ride. Brother-in-Law suffering from motion sickness. What a wimp! :-)”
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