The Margarita Party

The Margarita Party

As every year, this summer we have travelled to Boston, to see my in-laws. I have already told you that my Dear Hubby is from there and I love to go and see my American family.

My in-laws live in a 84-floor building downtown. On floor 85 there is a terrace with a swimming pool and we use to go there quite often. The children love to swim and the views of the city are amazing.

And, as anybody can expect when going to the swimming pool with kids, after one hour preparing the swimming pool bag, as soon as I reach the swimming pool I realise I have forgotten something downstairs.

No worries - I tell Dear Hubby - I will go downstairs to pick it up and will be back in a min.

No, I call my mother and she will bring it up.

No, really, I do not mind going down. You stay in the pool with the kids while I fetch it.

I grab the phone and the keys and rush towards the swimming pool lobby.

On my way back to the swimming pool, the lift stops on floor 79 and a middle age lady with a huge beach bag gets in. I greet her and the lift starts its journey again towards the top floor.

Suddenly the lift stops between two floors and the lights go off. I am not a claustrophobic person but to think you are 77 floors up and hanging from a lift and not to freak out is a bit too much for me.

After some seconds, the emergency light goes on. Well, at least I can now see something. I try to WhatsApp dear Hubby to let him know I am stuck in the lift but there is no signal.

Probably the electricity of the whole building has gone off -says the lady.

Gosh, does this happen often?

Well…yes, but normally it is in winter, not in summer. By the way, my name is Stephanie - says the lady offering her hand.

Nice to meet you.

I spend some seconds staring at the ceiling hoping this will make time go fast. I start feeling very hot - it is 38 degrees outside. The lift air conditioning is not working and I start feeling really nervous. I sit on the floor. Stephan follows my initiative and does the same.

I think we are going to be here for a while. Do you do yoga?- she asks


Well, this is a fantastic moment to do it. She opens her beach bag, gets some hair bands and a yoga mat, hands me a band and places the mat on the floor.

We will share the mat.

We start our yoga session with the warrior position following the sun salute.

When hummmsss are interrupted with something in English I cannot understand but I decide to keep on going.

OK, let’s drink some tonified water now - says Stephanie. She opens her beach bag and grabs a bottle and two cups.

My God, what is tonified water? would I die if I drink it? But it is so hot that I do not think further about it and just drank it in one go.

This is quite nice. Strawberry flavor.

It is now really really hot, we are both sweating. Stephan opens again her bag and get a couple of fans out.


Much better with the fans, right? - she says. Do not worry. I have food and drinks in the bag for at least 48 hours. And mags and the iPad with several sitcoms downloaded. Do you want to watch TV now?

Do you really think we are going to be here for long??

Everything is possible. It is better to plan and use wisely what we have. First, the light, soon the emergency light will go off.  We will need to use our phones for light. I also have a small torch in my bag.    

What are the chances of being stuck in a lift with a lady who seems to have a supermarket in the bag? Somehow this thought makes me feel very anxious and I start screaming and jumping asking for help.

- Do not jump please - says Stephanie very calmly. The only danger here is for the lift to fall. And we do not want that to happen.

I glue my tummy and my face to the wall as if that was going to be of any help was the lift to fall and start shouting. Helllllpppppp!!!!

You are a bit stressed. Do you want to colour? It is very relaxing. Or would you prefer to have a sandwich now?

I want to go out NOW!! -  I shout before starting to cry

OK, OK, I got it. Lets prepare a couple of margaritas. I was keeping them for a real emergency, but I guess they are of better use now. C’om, sit on the floor and relax. You can do it.

She grabs my had and little by little I sit on the floor.

- We have everything for a little party. Look at it as an on-the-spot party thing and you will be fine!

Stephanie switches the music on, and starts preparing margaritas. Everything starts looking much more fun.

Hey Steph, what are we going to do when we need to pee?

Oh! No worries, I have a box of zip locks which are great for that!

Suddenly, with the help of the margaritas, I feel that I am stuck in a lift with Mary Poppins and nothing wrong can happen, as she will get out her umbrella to escape if need be.

We fall asleep. After what it feels like a minute we hear a voice.

-Ladies, can you hear me?

Yes, we can

- OK, the lift is going to move in a minute. We need you to take the safety position. Lay down on the floor face down. ok?

What is going to happen??

No worries, it is standard procedure when the lift has been stuck for over 12 hours.

The lift starts moving. It reaches floor 70 and stops. The doors open. There were our families waiting to cheer us, a doctor and even a local television.

Apparently, there has been a real risk the lift may fall.

And in the meantime, there we were, having a party with no worries at all!

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