Love adventure

Love adventure

Those of you who have children know how difficult it is to get some time alone with your partner. I must admit, for me, with three kids, it is almost impossible to spend some quality time with my Dear Husband. There is always a child around in the middle of every conversation, cocktail or dinner for two. And if we take into account that my Dear Husband travels a lot, the issue becomes more and more complicated.
So I decide to give us a chance and spend 24 hours with my Dear Husband by ourselves.
I check the calendar, my Dear Husband´s flight schedule and I talk to my sister, my parents and my brother in law trying to figure out a plan. 
I finally succeed in getting an invitation for an sleep over for two of the three kids, but I still have to place my son somewhere for the week-end. And that is becoming a very challenging task! I am starting to feel exhausted just by planning the logistics of this break away from children.
But, suddenly, everything falls into place. My telephone rings. It is my neighbour Naty, inviting my son to spend the weekend with them. Great!
I double check the calendar. My Dear Husband is scheduled to land on the 8:30 flight on Saturday morning,I want to surprise him, so I won´t tell him anything. It will be as a gift from me to him. 24 hours for us only. But, after so much work on logistics, I got a bonus: I will be by myself from Friday afternoon on. So I dial my friend Rebeca´s number:
- I am free on Friday. Fancy having a cup of coffee in the afternoon?
- Why are you alone?
- The kids are sleeping out. I manage to organise a 24 hour alone with my Dear Husband. it is a surprise for him! - I say
- Then I know what we can do. We are going shopping to buy some sexy lingerie for you.
- I do not want to waste my time buying lingerie when we can have a chat having a cup of coffee.
- When was it the last time you spend 24 hours alone with your Dear Husband? 2008? You need some sexy lingerie. Believe me!
-No way!
- I am picking you up at 6:30
We go and purchase some lingerie. I get what Rebeca chooses for me thinking about keeping it in the drawer for an eternity. I just want to have a cup of coffee in a quiet place.
Saturday morning and boredom makes me  change my mind. I get the box out of the drawer and decide to try my new lingerie on. That would be a great surprised for my Dear Husband! 
It is 8:30. He has just landed. I got a message saying that he is coming by taxi. He will be getting home in 25 minutes. 
I decide to wait for him in the landing, in front of the elevator with my brand new lingerie still on. Our block has a very tiny lobby, There are only two flats and our neighbour is not here because he is off spending his holidays in Estepona.
So, in the heat of passion, I go out and wait for Dear Husband in front of the lift just wearing the sexy lingerie and a dressing gown.   
It is him. I can hear him talking to someone on the phone.
When the door is about to be opened, I unbutton my dressing gown and say:
-Hi, Darling. I was waiting for you.
My dear Husband´s jaw drops to the floor. I knew it was going to be a great surprise.
When the door is finally fully open, I can see the neighbour upstairs who, with a big grin on his face, says:
Now, I can understand why you have three kids travelling so much.
I almost faint. I am so embarrassed I turn red. I immediately turn around and and get into my flat.
My Dear Husband turns to my neighbour and says:
You are indeed right!
He follows me and, smiles, giggles and then breaks in a full laugh attack. After a minute, with tears in his eyes he says: 
You have just set the bar for Welcomes Home very high in the neighbourhood. Good morning, my Love!
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