I lost my girls

I lost my girls

I look here and there, look under the beds, inside the wardrobes, in the bathroom, in the balcony, everywhere!… I am desperate, it is 7.50 in the morning and I cannot find my two daughters anywhere. We are going to miss the bus on the first day of school.

 Two minutes ago they were here. I wonder where they can be, it is quite challenging to get lost inside a flat, I would say. 

 -Have you seen your sisters? - I ask my son

-No Mommy!!!! - he responds

I whatsapp by dear husband

-I have lost the two girls

- Both of them?

- Yes

- We still have the boy, right?

- Yes, he is here.

- God bless, at least we still keep the heir of the throne

- You think you are funny, right?

-And where do you think your daughters may be on the first day of school 20 minutes before the bus pick up time?? - he asked

-I guess they are hiding, but I cannot find them anywhere!

try the ice-cream trick


The ice-cream trick. I guess everybody uses it. I start talking in a loud voice to nobody.  “Ice-cream, ice-cream!!! anybody wants an ice-creaaaammmm???”.  Magically all the children you are missing should appear.


But this time, the trick does not work. 

-Chocolate ice-cream!!!

-Strawberry ice-cream!!!

-Ice-cream with sprinkles!!!

No response. 

I start getting nervous. I look down the window in fear. Thank God, nothing to be worried about can be seen. I continue with my search. Open the fridge. I find nothing but a nice bar of chocolate which I make mine immediately. While munching the chocolate I continue thinking where they could be.  I cannot think of any other place.

Fifteen minutes for the bus to arrive. I decide to play the give-in trick. I start shouting


“Ok, OK, you win!!! But if you do not come out now, you are not going to have time to comb your hair before going to school!!!

No answer. I conclude the girls are not at home. I have no option but to call the police.

- Good morning. I want to report that my two daughters have disappeared.

-Good morning, please tell me your name. what age are they and where have they disappeared?

-They disappeared at home, they are 5 and 7.

-So, your daughters were at home and you cannot find them now?

-Yes, correct. I have not seen them for twenty minutes now.

-Maybe they left home by themselves?

-That is not possible, the alarm is on and they cannot open the door without deactivating it and they do not know the key number.

-So, your daughters were at home. Now you cannot find them but you know they did not leave the house, right? - says the policeman.


have you looked in all the places children usually hide?

-Yes, of course.

-Have you checked the windows


-OK, madam, if you have done that, the children must be at home. Check again and if you cannot find them, you give me another call. Mi name is Sanchez, you ask for me. OK?


My boy is waiting to go to the school. I decide to take him downstairs and ask a neighbour to take him to the bus stop.

I open the front door and find my two daughters with their backpacks on their backs, waiting in front of the lift.

-What are you doing here???? I have been looking for you for half an hour!

-Mommy, yesterday you told us you wanted us to wake up, get  dressed and ready to go to school in front of the lift without a complain. 

-Did I?

-Yes. Aren’t you happy we did it?

I sigh.

-How long have you been here for?

-Since we finished breakfast

-How have you deactivated the alarm.

-With the remote control you have.

I just go mute and get into the lift. We get to the bus stop, I kiss them and send them to school.

Summer holiday is over. I am going to need another holiday now to recover from this.

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