Frequent questions

Why is your filling polyester based instead of cotton?

As you may know, European Regulations and the laws of  most of the developed countries require sleeping garments to be fire resistant. In the case of cotton, this is very difficult to achieve without adding a very substantial amount of chemicals to the cotton. For this reason, we make our fillings in a very fine and soft polyester. This polyester is made fire resistant not by adding chemicals but making them with a special process. The chemicals used as so minimum that the polyester has been certified by Oeko-Tex.

How do I choose the right size of my PenguinBag?

The PenguinBags are sized by age and height. The height was calculated so that the “baggy” part of it reaches a point between the ankles and the knees. Its width is also calculated to allow most of the children to keep their legs “buddha” style while sleeping. If your child is in the upper end of a size, you may wish to consider buying the next larger size, so that you have some scope for growing.

We make some allowances on the lower side of the range to ensure kids on the short side of any size do not fall by steeping into the Penguinbag.

If your child is close to the upper side of a size, please bear in mind that the PenguinBag may be too small for him in a short period of time and, consequently, you may be better off if you buy a larger size.

Why don’t your PenguinBags have long sleeves?

Our Penguinbags do not have sleeves because it is safer this way. The lack of sleeves ensures your child will not overheat. If your child wears a PJ or T-shirt under the Penguinbag, he will not need any further cover in the arms.

What about quality and safety?

We make sure the products we sell are, not only beautiful, but the safest for your children. For this purpose, we continuously conduct chemical, mechanical and thermal tests in our products to make sure they, not only comply with the legal requirements, but with stricter requirements that are not applicable to them but we impose upon ourselves.

As examples of those tests, our zippers must pass over 13 tests to be used in our PenguinBags. We not only conduct and pass flammability tests under the EU and other international applicable regulations, but we also have preference for materials with a very high flammability resistance. Our PenguinBags do not contain any embellishment or hard piece other than the zipper to minimize the risk of chocking. All our garments go through a metal detector before leaving the factory, so that we make sure no broken needles or similar items have been left by accident inside.

Regarding chemicals, we make sure that the materials are, not only of the highest quality, but as safe as possible. For this purpose, we only use either OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics or materials that have been dyed by OEKO-Tex 100 certified companies. The OEKO-TEX 100 tests are aimed to identify harmful substances and includes, illegal substances, legally regulated substances, known harmful (but not legally regulated) chemicals, as well as parameters for health care. In their entirety the requirements clearly exceed existing national legislations.

How to change a nappy with the PenguinBag on?

For children who still use nappies at night time, the best option is that they sleep with a T-shirt and the Penguinbag, not a pyjamas. Fully unzip the zip with the child sleeping sideways or face up. Once you have done this, and with the child face up, take one leg off the PenguinBag and pull the PenguinBag towards the waist so that it does not get soiled if you need to clean the child. Now you will be able to change the nappy easily. Once you finish, put the leg back into the PenguinBag and zip up.

Why is velveteen and corduroy safer for children than regular cotton?

The reason is because fire expands much more slowly in velveteen and corduroy than in other cottons. Due to its thickness, it is very difficult for velveteen to catch fire and, in the very unlikely event this happens, it travels much more slowly than in other types of cotton of the same weight.

Why do you pre-wash the velveteen you use for the PenguinBags?

We pre-wash our velveteen before cutting it. There are several reasons for us to do so. By washing it prior to cutting, we, and not your washing machine, get rid of any unfixed dye left in the fabric. Aside this, as you may know, all the cottons shrink, specially in the first wash. Since our velveteen has passed that process before being cut, the garment keeps it shape and size much better than other cotton garments that have not been subject to such process.