PenguinBag: Dinosaur

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  • Both the outer and the lining of our designs are made of 100% cotton.
  • It has a long frontal zip that allows children to use the toilet by themselves.
  • In the Toddler Sizes (1 to 4 years of age), the zip also slides between the legs and along the lower part of the back to facilitate the nappy change in the case of children who still use them. See our FAQ'S

If you wish to know how to change a nappy with the Penguin Bag on, See our FAQ's

  • For the children’s comfort, all the seams are sewn inwards.
  • For greater safety and comfort of the little ones, we do not use buttons, snap buttons or any other small design element that may go loose.
  • Our PenguinBags have a neck zip slider protection to avoid rashes and an interior zip protection cover.
  • We are very reluctant to the use of chemicals in the manufacturing of children clothes. For this reason, all the fabrics we use for outer, lining and filling are either OEKO-TEX or have been dyed by OEKO-TEX certified dyers.
  • All our products widely exceed the requirements of the European, British, Australian and New Zealand regulations on flammability and our filling is made of a material free of chemicals and is not flammable.
  • If you wish to know why we do not use cotton filling, please click here.


  • Outer and lining: 100% cotton.
  • In TOG 2.5, 100% polyester filling.


Our PenguinBags are designed so that each size is suitable for around 2 years. The following are the size options available:

  • Toddler Small: 12 months to 3 years / 74-96 cm
  • Toddler Large: 2 to 4 years / 87-110 cm
  • Junior: 4 to 6 years / 100-120 cm
  • Master: 6 to 8 years / 110-135 cm

Choosing the right SIZE

  • The sizing of our Penguinbags has been calculated so that in the lower side between the legs reaches a point between the ankles (but not below such point to ensure safety) and the knees.
  • Once such lower part is just 5 centimetres under the knees of the child, it is time to move to a bigger size, as otherwise his ability to move will be limited.
  • All our products are made with 100% cotton. When choosing a size, please take into account that shrinkage of up to 5% may occur while washing the garment.
  • In any case, each child’s body is slightly different. Please check the Size Chart for more detailed information.

Thermal Features/TOG

Our Penguinbags are available in two different TOGs:

  • TOG 1 (for warmer rooms) 
  • TOG 2.5 (for colder rooms, with filling)

Choosing  the right TOG

  • TOG is the international unit that measures the warmness of a garment: the higher the TOG the warmer the garment is.
  • There are several factors that influence which TOG is best for your child. The main factors are:

1. The clothes the child is wearing under the garment and their quality.

2. The temperature of the room.

Our Penguinbags are available in two different TOGs:

  • TOG 1 (for warmer rooms): ideal for temperatures between 21 and 23ºC / 69 – 73ºF
  • TOG 2.5 (for colder rooms, with filling): for room temperatures between 16 y 20ºC / 60 – 68ºF.

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PenguinBag: Dinosaur

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